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Israel Map and Psalm Pendant necklace (silver)

Israel Map and Psalm Pendant necklace (silver)

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Experience the fusion of beauty and profound significance with ALMA JEWELRY SHOP's Israel Map Pendant. This sterling silver masterpiece elegantly frames the iconic Star of David, making a bold statement of faith at its core. On the reverse, the sacred 'Song of Ascents' from Psalms is delicately inscribed, embodying spiritual elevation, protection, and guardianship.

A deep connection to Jewish heritage and the land of Israel emanates from this pendant. It serves as a heartfelt gift for anyone wishing to keep a piece of Israel close to their heart, expressing their love and identification with the land.

Measuring 33mm in height and 10mm at its widest point, this pendant is not just jewelry, but a keepsake that intertwines personal identity with tradition

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