About us

Discover Alma Jewelry—where timeless design meets heartfelt craftsmanship. Founded by Vered & Gady, our brand is the culmination of shared dreams, intricate artistry, and a journey of love and dedication spanning over two decades. The essence of our brand is captured in our name, 'Alma'  'soul' in Spanish. It's a reflection of our design philosophy – fluid, meaningful, and deeply rooted in emotions.

Our path has been both unique and inspiring. From Vered's initial self-directed foray into the world of jewelry to Gady's refined expertise in goldsmithing and 3D modeling, every step has been about embracing growth and striving for excellence. Today, our sophisticated, yet approachable designs have graced countless individuals, both in our homeland of Israel and across the shores in the USA.

Jewelry, in our eyes, is profoundly personal. It's not just about adorning oneself but about wearing a narrative, a memory, a sentiment. With our bespoke services, we invite you to co-create with us, to transform your stories and emotions into tangible treasures. Every piece that emerges from the Alma studio is a testament to precision, quality, and our unwavering commitment to our craft. And as you unbox an Alma creation, know that it's wrapped with not just elegance, but also our deepest gratitude and warmth.

At Alma, we don't just craft jewelry. We craft connections. We're not just jewelers; we're your storytellers. And we look forward to being a cherished part of your story.